Custom Cardboard Lipstick Tubes

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    √ Zero Waste & Custom

    √ Refillable &  Biodegradable

    √ Sustainable & Less Plastic

    Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 pcs

    Wholesale custom cardboard lipstick tube,natural lipstick container.

    Wholesale biodegradable empty
    Cardboard lipstick tube

    Biodegradable Cosmetic Lipstick Packaging Cardboard Container Sustainable Paper Tube.

    Biodegradable Carton Container Sustainable Paper Tube For Lip Balm Chapstick Lipstick Packaging.

    Custom High-End Leather Paper Lipstick Container Lip Balm Round Paper Tube.

    Round Cardboard Container Organic Lipstick Paper Tube With Magnetic Buckle.

    Less Plastic Cardboard Material Lipstick Paper Tube Packaging

    MOQ of custom production:5000pcs
    Material:Recyclable paper, recycled paper
    Test:Passed the safety performance test
    Characteristics:  50% paper material, PCR material mechanism
    Suitable products: Lipstick/lip balm


    Types Of Lipstick Tubes

    Cardboard Lipstick Tube product information

    No plastic, 100% biodegradable, compostable, natural, recyclable

    Wholesale Cardboard Lipstick Tube Minimum Order Quantity: 3000

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    Why choose our
    Cardboard Lipstick Tube?


    In order to ensure product quality and safety, our products are produced using natural raw materials.

    Huge team

    Enthusiastic sales service team,Professional R&D engineering team,Rigorous testing team,Meticulous purchasing and production planning team.

    Biodegradable material

    The product is made of  100%  natural raw materials, and the paper is degradable and environmentally friendly Cardboard Lipstick Tube.

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