When it comes to selling any product, packaging plays the most important role. To have rock-solid sales and marketing, the product must look attractive enough to attract customers.

Of course, the quality of the product matters a lot. But the quality can be determined only after a customer buys your product.

So the first and foremost thing that determines the sales of your product is its packaging. Every product, ranging from small rubber bands to huge appliances, requires great packaging for people to like.

Along with being attractive, the packaging should be beneficial as well. It shouldn’t cause any loss to the owner and the firm. Packaging costs a good amount of money to the companies.

General packaging doesn’t stand out in the group of several products. So the companies try to customize the packaging for their product.

The packaging costs are the bane of existence for the companies, especially the customized packaging. It is exceptional if the company owner and limited staff can do the packaging themselves.

And let’s address the elephant in the room, the owners and general staff are not that crafty.

So the companies need to invest a lot in the packaging out of compulsion.

Why is the demand for paper packaging growing?

Whenever we hear the term ‘art and craft’, papers are the first thing that comes to our minds.

The main reason behind the growing demand for paper packaging is because paper can be used in several different ways. It can look very attractive and appealing to the customers.

Also, as a firm, it costs way lesser to pack the products in paper-based packaging as compared to other materials.

How to Design Paper Deodorant Tube (That Customers Will Love)

It can be done even on a minuscule budget. Paper packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly which is another huge plus point of paper packaging.

These are some of the reasons why companies opt for paper packaging for every kind of product. Deodorants, like most other products, have also started to come in paper-based packaging.

Ideas for the design of paper deodorant tubes

A paper or cardboard packaging never goes out of trend. It looks equally appealing and attractive all the time. You can stand out from the crowd by using unique ideas for the design of the packaging.

However, getting unique ideas every time you launch a new product can be difficult. That is why we are here to help you. Some of the designs are given below to make your product extremely appealing and budget-friendly.

Round push-up deodorant tubes

A push-up tube is one of the most common yet trending packaging designs. It allows the buyer to use the deodorant more easily.

How to Design Paper Deodorant Tube (That Customers Will Love)

The push-up packaging is also called lip balm packaging. Most companies pack the roll-on deodorants in a push-up deodorant tube. You can use cardboard for this packaging method.

The outer can be designed creatively on your own as well. It looks really attractive and doesn’t cost you much either.

Oval twist-up packaging

It is also an efficient and budget-friendly design for deodorant packaging. Despite being a simple design, it can help you to attract many customers if crafted properly.

It won’t cost you much money or manpower to customize the design. All that you will require is some creativity and proper application.

A nice marketing strategy combined with this design can take up your sales to new heights.

Popsicle design

In the process of trying something new, you can try a popsicle design for your product. It looks appealing as well as creative to the customers.

You will need some nice quality cardboard paper and some popsicle sticks to make the design look accurate.

The outer design can contain some light and bright colors to make it look even better and refreshing.

Cardboard spray tubes

You can make a spray deodorant and pack it in a durable cardboard material.

How to Design Paper Deodorant Tube (That Customers Will Love)

The outer designs can be done with some extra pieces of paper which look crafty and attractive. This can also attract many customers if executed effectively.

Soap bottle design

You can pack your product in the design of some other product. It will be a tricky yet attractive packaging for the customers.

You can pack a roll-on deodorant in the look of a soap bottle. It can be easily made with the help of recyclable cardboard paper.

Fruits packaging

You can cut a cardboard in the form of a box as a slice of fruit.

Then pack your product inside it. Design the outer part with extra paper and colors to make it look like a fruit. Even better would be to design the deodorant packaging that resembles its flavor.

How to Design Paper Deodorant Tube (That Customers Will Love)

It is creative and would attract many customers.

Push-up juice can

You can pack your product in the form of a push-up juice can. It will be something very new and appealing. This will attract many customers to your brand of deodorant.

You can make this design with a simple cylindrical cardboard tube and the outer can be decorated with different colors.

These are some of the creative design ideas that you can use to make your product look more attractive. It won’t cost you a lot of money as well. There are several ideas that you can come up with on your own as well.