Paper tubes have emerged as an interesting and unique alternative for product packaging. They are cost-effective, durable, and lightweight and are being used by multiple industries. Paper tube packaging is also eco-friendly. They are completely bio-degradable and do not create toxic packaging waste like plastics that end up in landfills or ocean bed. These features of paper tubes have made them a preferred packaging material among industries and customers. Designing paper tube packaging for women customers need specific research. It should be convenient and provide utility to the customers. The following are some key considerations that can help to design paper tube packaging that women customers will like:

Do Basic Research

The first step towards designing paper tube packaging that women customers will like is to do basic research on the product. You should know the product to be packaged- its size, delicacy, unique features, etc. This will help in designing custom paper tubes suitable for the product. Delicate and breakable products will need more compact and secure packaging. You may also have to procure sturdier and more compact paper tubes for packaging such fragile products.

The next consideration is the mode of selling the product. If the product is to be sold online and shipped, then the paper tubes need to be stronger and more compact. The product should be tightly nestled between the paper tubes and there should not be unnecessary space inside the packaging. This will ensure that the product is securely packed and will remain safe from damage during transit.  

Convenient Packaging

Packaging of women products like cosmetics and personal hygiene products should be convenient. Paper tube packaging should be designed to ensure the products can be unpacked or squeezed easily. It should also reduce wastage and provide a greater value for money to the customers. Paper tubes can be designed such that they can be reused by the customers for storage after unpacking the product. A cut-out window can also be provided on the paper tubes for allowing the customers to get a sneak peek of the packaged product. It can provide them more details about the product and help them make an informed buying decision.   

Use Attractive Branding

The packaging of products for women customers should be attractive. It should catch their attention and compel them into checking the product and then buying it. The packaging is the first point of contact between customers and the product. Bland packaging design will not attract customers and they will move on to other products. Paper tube packaging provides one of the best mediums for printing design elements and graphics. The colors and graphics are a lot crisper and sharper than other packaging materials like plastic, metal, wood, etc. The colors and fonts used on the packaging should be consistent with the brand image. It should convey to the customers about the brand and the product.

You should use colors and fonts that become a part of the brand in the long run. This helps customers with brand association and recall. They can identify the brand and the product by looking at the branding on the packaging.

Keep the Design Minimal

Minimal packaging design is in trend. Women products like cosmetics are being packaged using minimal design and graphic elements. This gives a classy and premium look and feel to the product. You should design your paper tube packaging in a manner that strips away all the non-essentials. This will give a cleaner and uncluttered look to the packaging. The use of whites and neutral shades like nude and pastels make your packaging look more elegant and stand apart from the competition.

The use of monotones like black and white can also be tried for a sober yet powerful look. Using black packaging with design elements printed in bronze or gold colors can also make a powerful and premium statement to potential customers. Most premium women brands have moved towards the minimalistic and elegant packaging design. You can carve out a separate niche for your product using such packaging. It helps you to position your product in the premium segment and appeal to the sophisticated customer.  

Durable Packaging

The packaging should be durable. It should protect the product from damage during transit or storage. Opening the packaging to find a damaged product can be a bad experience for customers. Products for women like cosmetic and personal hygiene products should be securely packaged to protect them for contamination and damage. Cosmetics can be easily damaged by external weather elements like air, water, ultraviolet radiation, etc. These elements can react with cosmetic products and contaminate them, thereby rendering them unfit for use. Paper tube packaging should be designed in a way to provide better protection to the products from weather elements and other potential wear and tear during transit.