Introduction: Opening Paper Tube Packaging

Paper tube packaging offers durability and convenience to both manufacturers and customers. they can protect the packaged product for longer and are ideal when the product needs to be shipped over long distances.  Opening paper tube packaging correctly can be tricky sometimes. Metal plugs can become stiff on paper tubes over time. You can pull the metal plugs to open it. If the plugs do not open easily, then use a light hammer to slowly tap on its edges along the circumference of the paper tube. This will help to open the metal plug easily and you can unbox the packaged product.

Why Use Paper Tubes Over Plastic?

The key benefits of using paper tube packaging over plastic packaging are as follows:


The biggest advantage of using paper tubes over plastic packaging is that they are completely recyclable. They do not add up to the growing toxic packaging waste like plastic. Paper tubes can be recycled and used as raw material for making new paper tubes or other products. Manufacturing paper tubes causes lower greenhouse emissions than manufacturing plastic. It is estimated that plastic manufacturing accounts for 3.8% of the total global greenhouse emissions, compared to only 1% for manufacturing paper tubes. This reduces the carbon footprint of paper tubes. The use of eco-friendly packaging material creates a favorable image of the brand and product among customers.


Paper tubes are lightweight. They are also easily stackable. This means that you can transport more products with the same fuel. This further reduces its carbon footprint. You can also save on transportation costs. Being easily stackable, more paper tubes can be stored in the warehouse or supermarket shelves in less space. This helps to save on storage costs.


Paper tube packaging is cost-effective. It does not require a labor- or capital-intensive production process. This makes them cheaper than other packaging alternatives like plastic, wood, or metal. You can save costs on the packaging that can help improve your profit margins. You can also pass on the benefit to your customers in terms of reduced prices for gaining a competitive advantage.

Ideal for Food Products

The food industry has begun using paper tube packaging more regularly. Paper liners are used inside these paper tubes. Unlike plastic, these paper liners do not react with the packaged food product when coming in contact with it. This keeps the food products fresh and fit for human consumption for longer.