The packaging industry is changing rapidly. New packaging materials and ideas are evolving. Paper tubes have become a popular choice for packaging for products made for children. They offer a unique blend of convenience, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness which makes them extremely popular.

Paper Tube Packaging for Children Products

Paper tubes can be used for packaging different types of children’s products. You can use them for the packaging of baby foods. The paper liner inside them does not react with baby food and keeps them safe for consumption for longer. Since it is made of paper and cardboard, it is not toxic for the kids. Unlike plastic, paper tubes are not dangerous for children. They offer one of the best mediums for creative branding and designing for children’s products. paper tubes are lightweight and can be easily carried by children. They are recyclable and have a low carbon footprint which makes them eco-friendly packaging material.

Child-Resistant Paper Tube Packaging

The Paper tube industry has evolved over time. Manufacturers have developed child-resistant paper tube packaging designs that cannot be easily opened by children. Some paper tubes come with a child resistance locking system. They contain a locking button that needs to be pressed for unlocking the paper tube. You need to press the locking button and then rotate the tube top slowly for opening it. This locking mechanism ensures safety for the packaging from children. It can be used for packaging products that should be kept away from the reach of children. Such child-friendly packaging offers peace of mind to parents and keeps their children safe and protected.  

Branding for Children

Branding plays an important role in the marketing of products designed for children. Bright colors and vivid graphics appeal to children and catch their imagination. Paper tubes offer high versatility when it comes to branding and designing. They are more versatile than other packaging materials like plastic, wood, metal, etc. You can opt for a wide variety of branding and design graphics on paper tubes. The colors are sharper and more appealing when printed on paper tubes. The result is an excellent design and branding elements that capture the attention of children and help in selling the product.

Paper tubes are compatible with various enclosures. You can try putting plastic plugs or metal plugs for creating the desired styling and securely packaging the product. You can also put a loop for easily carrying it along by children.