Lip balm is a soft, mold, or sticky substance which people use for beauty-care purposes.

It provides an outer layer on the skin and stops the moisture from leaking out of the skin. It protects the skin from exposure to dry weather, cold wind, and temperature.

While drying, the lips are very vulnerable because this part of the human body has the thinnest membrane.

So, they become the first victim. To solve this issue, lip balms came to the market in the 1880s. The manufacturers use many different wax-like substances. Cera alba, the natural wax that comes from honey bees of the genus Apis also popular as beeswax is most popular among those.

Also, a wax substance from the tree camphor laurel also known as camphor, palmityl alcohol in whale oil, wool yolks, and other paraffin and petroleum jelly are popular to produce lip balms.

Besides preventing moisture loss and providing lip comfort, they also provide relief in sufferings like chapped skins, angular cheilitis, stomatitis, and cold sores.

Some other lip balms carry different colorings and flavors like phenol, salicylic acid, vitamins, sunscreen, mineral oils, or other substances for extra or specific benefits.

Now, when a manufacturer is bringing their lip balm to the market, he will get many options. There are many forms of balm and they come in different containers.

Sticks, pots, and tubes are the most popular form of packaging to hold lip balms. The type of container is selected upon the physical form of lip balm. We’ll compare two elements that are common for producing these packaging.


Features of plastic packaging for lip balm

At present, in every aspect plastic is the most popular choice for any packaging. The cosmetic industry is also following the trend.

Plastics are very cheap, they are reusable and we can easily convert them into different shapes and sizes.

Further, the most amazing feature of plastic packaging is that they are unbreakable and this is the most durable element for packing.

When you are using packaging that is plastic you’ll be sure throughout the period that it will not take another shape. Finally, the plastic will not add any odor or bad smell to the lip balm which is the most important factor of using a plastic package.

Lip Balm Packaging: Plastic vs. Paper Which One is better?

Besides, plastic is not a thing that will always be a plus. It has some negative impacts too. Firstly, plastic is not a stable material. Secondly, plastic interacts with light and some specific fluids physically and chemically. Absorption, adsorption, and stress cracking happen to plastics when they are exposed to some situation. On the other hand, one of the biggest reasons for using plastics was that they are cheap. But some cheap plastics like polystyrene and polyvinyl has comparatively poor impact resistance and can reverse the purpose.

Furthermore, when you are selling a product in the market, it is important to put a label on the product. In this case, some plastics need pre-treating before putting the ink on them. Finally, the use of plastic arises with environmental concerns. Each day we are looking forward to reducing the use of plastic.


 Features of paper packaging for lip balm

Paper packaging is not a very common thing seen for packing cosmetic products like lip balm. We don’t see it most often. But it is getting more popular day by day.

Paper is the most properly and easily recyclable product. This virtue makes the paper a strong and optimistic element for manufacturing cosmetic products.

Mainly, eco-friendly thought gave birth to the idea of paper packaging lip balms. Also, if we notice properly, we will see that it gives many more advantages.

Lip Balm Packaging: Plastic vs. Paper Which One is better?

Firstly, putting the label on paper is one of the easiest things to be done in this world. Paper-made packages are free of any harmful chemicals, which is great. In Europe and the USA, this packaging is growing day by day because of its features.

Mainly, their recycling is easy after consumption. After that, they are inherently carbon neutral and are a part of the life cycle of nature. Further, they are free of fluorinated chemicals. For your information, these chemicals are banned by the EU and the FDA.

The limitation in using paper packaging for lip balms is that papers are very suitable for holding lip balms as a tube. But they are not so good as containers or jars. Although paper jar is available, they are only for oily and thin products. It hardly matches the characteristic of lip balm. Also, paper packaging is sustainable, but they are not durable. The package can change its shape throughout time. So, in most cases, the use of paper packaging for lip balm is limited to tubes.

Final words

Both paper packaging and plastic packaging have their pros and cons. The industry will adopt the packaging that is most suitable for them.

Paper packaging for lip balm is a new concept. Still, the industry is coping with it. We need to give it some time to see whether it goes. But paper can hardly be as versatile as plastics. On the other hand, plastic can never be as sustainable and eco-friendly as paper.