Lip balms are very popular and are coming into use for the past 8-10 decades. Women love to do make-up, for no other reason but to adorn their own selves, thus enhancing their beauty.

But a major setback to this thing is that make-up is never considered complete without a tint on the lips with a beautiful color on it. A lip-balm works as an ultimate solution to this problem.

Chapped lips are liked by none. What if we give them a matte-red, purple, magenta, baby-pink, off-green, dark-pink, or some other exciting color? Lip balms work great especially, in these respects.

These soften the previously chapped lips, giving it a pure glow with the left-out shine.

These enhance the beauty of a woman’s face and complete the desired needs of ‘A Perfect Look’.

Beauty products are a staple of the growing interest of the people in this field these days. This highlights the quote- “Make-up is the art you wear on your face”.

Women use Lip balms on a daily basis. These form an integral part of their daily make-up look.

Let’s move our attention towards their packaging, and the impact it leaves on the customers for these lip balms. Packaging is the first thing that attracts customers to your product.

Otherwise, the only thing your product is going to do is to gather dust on the shelf.

Nine Lip-Balm Packaging Ideas:

Capsulated Lip-Balm

One of the most popular packaging ways for lip balms is lip-balm capsules. Seems funny, right?

This is trending and is increasing in demand these days.

9 Lip Balm Packaging Ideas (When You Start Designing Product)

For how long will customers continue with lip balms that seem to be like lipstick?

Just think of their reaction when they will get to know that your brand produces lip balms which are quite unique.

Capsulated lip-balms are a lot different from any other lip-balm already existing in the market, which moisturizes their lips with a tone of light-red.

This is a pocket-friendly idea too. They won’t need to carry that used up lip-balm along with them all day-long.

Lip-Balm in the container of a Lip Tin Box

What if your customers get to know that the lip-balm of your brand is available in the shape of their own lips that is, in a lip-tin box?

They are going to absolutely love it as if it comes with a tone of baby-pink or hot-red.

Also, this is pocket-friendly, and way trendy that a normal lip-balm.

This is also going to add on to your budget also as they won’t resist to pay more for a unique product of their use.

Luxury Paper Cardboard Magnetic-Book Shaped Gift Lip-Balm

Lip-balms in a monochrome color such as light shade of pink, pure black, light blue etc. work great in terms of attracting customers towards any product.

9 Lip Balm Packaging Ideas (When You Start Designing Product)

These colors give a royal feel and look, thus enhancing the product’s worth and popularity.

Also, the lip-balm contained inside would seem more enticing and easy to carry everywhere and show up.

Jar-shaped mini lip-balm boxes

Lip-balms, if packaged in mini jar-shaped boxes, will become an ultimate love for women.

This is for the obvious reason that females get easily attracted for royal usable things in their mini version.

Jar-shaped lip-balms are quite pocket-friendly and can be used when handy.

These are good to showcase and attract a lot of customers, thus increasing their demand.

Roll-on Lip-Balm

Certain companies have started packaging their lip-balms in the roll-on form.

This way lip-balms are really easy to apply on the lips and then to push them inside the pocket.

Roll-on lip-balms are often in demand by all the ladies out there.

These give it a perfect finish so as to gift it to some of our close ones or carry it for our own selves.

Work best upon dry and chapped lips, thus giving it a smooth and embellished lush.

Spray-Bottled Liquid Lip-Balm

Spray-Bottled Liquid Lip-Balms are gaining a lot of importance in the beauty industry.

This is for the prime reason that such lip-balms are way easier to use than just an ordinary lip-balm available in the market.

Spray-bottles look pretty good and also never go out of trend.

If we give the bottle a beautiful floral, flirty and feminine outlook, it will leave a lasting impact in the beauty industry.

Liquid lip-balms, as is already known to many, soften the dried-up lips faster that anything and moisturize them for a longer duration.

Tube Lip-Balms

Lip-Balms that are packaged within a tube are considered and preferred by many as compared to any other lip-balm.

This is for the definite reason that such lip-balms are cleaner as neither do we require to dip our fingers on it nor to apply it directly on our lips.

Such lip-balms, as never get to interact with the air outside, so always stay well in their original composition, serving with their best to our lips.

We can easily increase our demand by the use of such tube packaging for lip-balms.

We can make the use of those rich and enticing colorful fonts over their packaging.

The impact that words make on a person’s mind is far beyond the impact created by an image.

Acrylic-Jar Lip-Balms

Lip-balms when packaged in beautiful jars with solid-metallic color on their outer packaging, give a warm and an elegant look to the consumer.

Metal-colors stop the constituents in a lip-balm to interact with any of their outer surroundings, giving a’ must-buy’ impact in the mind of the buyer.

We can easily gift these to someone and are always budget-friendly in terms of production and consumption.

Lip-balms of various object designs

Lip-balms can be packaged in a lot more other ways, such as, we can give them the shape of –

an aloe-vera leaf, a small heart with veins, a small apple, a pineapple, a mango, a strawberry, a chocolate-bar, a walnut, a sea-shell, a sea-horse, guava, papaya, litchi and a lot more.

Such packaging seems great and grabs a lot of attention due to their unique design, overall outlook and finishing.

Also, they seem to be the perfect sort of things to be gifted to some of our close ones.

Such lip-balms have a jelly kind of plumpness and are perfect to replace for the usual lip-balm.


After reading the above-mentioned ways of packaging various lip-balms, here are a few tips to increase marketing of your lip-balms.

You should use unique sorts of custom fonts of the packaging of lip-balms.

Giving them a bold and eye-catching pattern will work great.

Patterns of a cheetah, or of a plump strawberry on outer package would work great in terms of increasing their face-value in the market.

Include a bold and unique style on the packaging of the lip-balm.

This will give a pop-art feel. Nature and fruit photography also increases their face-value.

Use cool black packaging patterns with a twist such as a classy monochrome finish with bold fonts will give a new life to their sale.

Foil-stamping, embossing, metal or ink scripts on the containers give them a next level look and attention.

Remember, the more complicated your packaging, the higher the budget.

These ideas work great for increasing consumption of lip-balms.