Lip balm is a beauty product that people use in their normal routine. It is a regularly used product that people use to keep their lips soft and moisturized.

Many people who don’t do makeup in daily life use lip balms. Even students can also apply it to their lips when going to school. Different brands use different packaging materials for lip balms.

They use different types of packaging materials according to the choice and demand of people.

Many brands use specific packaging as their signature packaging. Most people prefer lip balm sticks and many prefer jars and tubes because of hygienic concerns. Here, we will discuss different packaging materials of lip balms.

Different types of lip balm packaging

Lip balms come in different packaging. Some are tube lip balms, some are stick lip balms, and some are available in jars.

Stick lip balms

It is the most common type and easy to carry lip balms. Lip balm is enclosed in a stick. When the stick is twisted, the lip balm moves upwards and is ready to use.

The user will directly apply it on lips like lipstick. These are small sticks that you can easily carry in your small handbags. You will have to put the cap on after using tube lip balms. Tube lip balms are affordable and come in different flavors, colors, and sizes.

What materials does lip balm packaging use?

As the user directly applies it on their lips this lip balm is only for a single person. You cannot share it with anyone due to hygiene.

Tube lip balms

These are small tubes that carry a lip balm. Just like lip balm sticks these also come in different sizes and flavors. You will have to press the tube to squeeze out the liquid balm. Then, you can directly apply it on the lips and can spread it with the help of a finger or a brush.

Roll-on containers

These are small bottles that have a plastic or glass roll-on ball on the upper side. They are very easy to use and hygienic for single-person use. It contains liquid lip balm in transparent or different colors. You will rotate it through the ball on the lips to apply it.

Container lip balms

These are other types of lip balms that come in small bottles or jars. Lip balms that are liquid or creamy in texture come in jars or containers. Solid lip balm can also be present in containers. Again, they also come in different sizes and colors. But the containers contain more lip balm as compared to tube or stick lip balm. Using a container of lip balm can be a little messy because you will have to apply it with your finger. But if you use a brush for applying lip balm from the container, it will be cool and elegant. And you also can share these lip balms with others. The containers can be of different types that we are going to discuss here. The containers can be plastic, glass, metal, and aluminum-based.

Plastic containers

Many brands use plastic containers as packaging materials for their lip balms. It is because they are convenient, easily available, and inexpensive packaging materials. They use good quality plastic for their packaging to protect lip balm from deterioration. The plastic containers may be of different colors and shapes. They beautifully package lip balm in a plastic container to give an attractive look to the balm because looks matter a lot. These containers are safe to carry because they are unbreakable so you can keep them in your purse too.

Glass containers

Glass packaging of lip balms is also available in the market but is not very popular as compared to the other two. Glass container lip balms are durable and you can store them for a long time and are also environment-friendly. These lip balms are fancy-looking lip balms and give an illusion of expensive branded products. You can save the glass container for any other purpose once the lip balm is finished. The problem with these glass containers is that they cost more to manufacturers. Their finishing price is also high, so these lip balms will be expensive for the buyers. Another bad thing is that if the glass container falls, it will break. You will lose your expensive lip balm.

Metal containers

These are small tins or containers that are made from aluminum or any other metal. This lip balm packaging looks very beautiful and special. Metallic tins are lightweight so save extra delivery charges. These lip balms are also durable. You can reuse these metallic containers just like glass containers. Another good thing is that the container will not break if it falls. But if you store it for a long tie in a moisture environment it can become rusty.