Wholesale Lip Balm Container.

Eco Friendly Paper Tube
Biodegradable Container

    Our Wholesale Lip
    Balm Container.

    Plastic-Free, 100% Biodegradable, Compostable, Natural,Recyclable

    Wholesale Lip Balm Minimum Order Quantity: 3000

    Eco-Friendly 1oz Push-Up Paper Tube For Lip Balm And Deodorant

    100% Plastic Free Deodorant With Kraft Paper Push Up Paper Tube

    100% Natural And Customizable Push-Up Paper Tube Lip Balm.

    Custom Refillable
    Push Upward Lip
    Balm Cardboard Container

    Sustainable, 100%
    Biodegradable Cylinder Push
    Up Paperboard Tube For Lip Balm.

    Zero Waste
    Lipstick Round
    Paper Tube Packaging


    Recycled Paper ,Cardboard Container Packaging

    Compared with most other brands, it does not fill lipstick、lipbalm products in plastic containers, but uses them in new, plastic-free, environmentally friendly push up paper tubes.

    100% Biodegradable,Eco Friendly Paperboard Container

    The lip balm packaging paper tube is biodegradable. After using the lip balm, there is no need to worry about secondary pollution to the environment.
    The paper tube is small in size, beautiful in appearance, and easy to carry, and it will not cause trouble whether it is put in a handbag or used.


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