Wholesale Paper Deodorant Tubes

Eco Friendly Paper Tube Biodegradable Container

    Our Wholesale Paper Deodorant Tubes

    No plastic, 100% biodegradable, compostable, natural, recyclable

    Wholesale Paper Deodorant Tubes Minimum Order Quantity: 3000

    Wholesale Custom-Sized Kraft Paper
    Natural Deodorant Container.

    Wholesale Biodegradable Empty
    Cardboard Deodorant Kraft Tubes.

    Natural Materials Deodorant Stick
    Push Up Paper Board Container.

    Fillable 100%
    Plastic Free Cmyk
    Pantone Printing Oval Push
    Upward DeodorantPaper Tube.

    Wholesale Custom
    printed push up paper
    tube for deodorant and
    antiperspirant packaging.

    Zero Waste &
    Made On Request
    Black Oval Deodorant
    Stick Cardboard Container.

    Do You Know How To Use Paper Deodorant Tubes?

    Step 1

    Open The Lid

    Step 2

    Push The Paste Out From The Bottom

    Step 3

    Ready To Use

    Usage scenarios of Paper Deodorant Tubes

    100% Plastic-Free, Compostable, All-Natural Paper Tube

    Compared with most other brands, it does Different from the traditional plastic deodorant container, our paper tube is 100% biodegradable, which is an environmentally friendly product without plastic, and the oval-shaped paper container is more suitable for human skin and more comfortable and convenient to use.


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