Push Up Tube

100% Biodegradable,plastic-free,Compostable

Biodegradable Lip Balm Container

The paper tube uses biodegradable paper as a material and is also a plastic-free product.
The size and printing can be customized.
0.3oz, 0.5oz, 1oz can be used for filling lip balm, chapstick or lipstick.

Minimum order quantity: 3000

Oval Antiperspirant Deodorant Container

Different from the plastic containers on the market,this is a plasticfree, environmentally friendlypaper container. The oval design is more suitable for human skin. It is the latest paper tube developed by Toprint.
It can be used to fill antiperspirant stick, deodorant, sunscreen stick, etc.

Minimum order quantity: 3000

Eco Friendly Deodorant Cardboard Container

100% biodegradable paper tube and it is a natural deodorant paper tube. Can be refilled with deodorant sticks, sunscreen sticks, etc.

Compostable, Recycled Material,OEM

Minimum order quantity: 3000

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