Paper tube packaging is becoming popular globally. It is being used by most leading brands and can dominate the packaging industry in the future. In this article, we will discuss some materials that are most used in paper tube packaging.

Most Used Materials

Wood pulp base is the most used material for manufacturing paper tubes. Fiberboard, paperboard, kraft paper, etc. are the preferred wood pulp base for this purpose. During the first stage of the manufacturing process, the paper is processed for making these paper tubes.

Once the paper is processed, glue is applied to it for keeping together several layers of paper. The gluing process is important as it ensures the strength and durability of the paper tubes.

If adhesive is not properly applied, paper layers can come out and this can cause the paper tube to unravel.

The next process is to feed the paper rolls into the machine for winding. These paper rolls wrap themselves around a cylindrical bar that gives the desired shape to the paper tubes. The strength of paper tubes is further enhanced during this process.

These paper tubes are then sent to the cutting equipment. Knives or saws are used for cutting the paper tubes cleanly.

The distance of knives can be adjusted to cut the desired length of paper tubes. If longer paper tubes need to be made, then the knives are spaced at greater intervals.

How Eco-Friendly are Paper Tubes?

Paper tubes are eco-friendly packaging materials. They have a lower carbon footprint than plastic. The greenhouse emissions for paper tube manufacturing are much lower than plastic.

They can also be easily recycled and do not contribute to toxic waste like plastic. Due to this, paper tubes do not end up in landfills or ocean floors.

Paper tubes can be recycled to manufacture new paper tubes or other products. They are also lightweight which allows more products to be shipped with the same fuel. This further reduces its carbon footprint.

Most Common Applications

Paper tubes are being used by many industries. They are being widely used in the food industry. paper liner is used on the inside of these chemically stable paper tubes.

These liners do not react with the packaged food on contact. It helps to prevent contamination of the packaged food and ensures it is fresh and fit for human consumption for longer.

The apparel industry is also using paper tubes more regularly. Apparel packed in paper tubes offers novelty and ease of unpacking for the customers.